Nasolabial Lines Correction with fillers

Posted on Jul 17, 2018 by  Dr. K.M. Kapoor


The Nasolabial creases, also known as ‘Laugh Lines or Smile lines’, are prominent lines or wrinkles that form between the upper lip and cheek. It starts from outer margin of lower end of nose and extends to the corner of mouth. Just outside to this line is fold of skin, nasolabial fold, that is formed by the fat pad and skin of cheek .

Deepening of the Nasolabial crease and increase in size of Nasolabial fold is due to downward descent of the cheek mass that occur with aging. The downward sagging of the cheek mass produces a prominent hollow in the upper cheek while causing sagging and formation of Nasolabial fold in lower half. A deep Nasolabial crease and a prominent Nasolabial fold are features of aging and form due to loss of facial volume and skin elasticity. These lines can make a a person look old, tired and unhappy.

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