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Nestled in the foothills of Himalayas, Anticlock Medispa and Age Reversal Clinic is a one stop solution for all medical aesthetic needs that has its foundations in clinical excellence, sound aesthetic judgment, highest quality of ethical medical care and respect for the client needs as well as maintaining utmost confidentiality. It was launched in 2010 by Dr. K.M. Kapoor who is an established name in aesthetic surgery worldwide, with an aim to establish a comprehensive center of excellence for medical aesthetics.

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Meet Dr. K. M. Kapoor

Dr. K M Kapoor is one of India's finest and most respected Aesthetic Plastic Surge-ons. He has been working in Fortis Hospital (one of India’s top, JCI accredited, hos-pital chains) as a Senior Consultant since 2001 and simultaneously running his own private practice at Anticlock Medispa ever since. ‘Anticlock’ is now a well-known non-surgical treatment destination in Chandigarh. Read More...

  • In just a few years out of medical school, he was operating upon clients from Bollywood, India and medical tourists were flying in from overseas (including patients from USA, UK, Canada, Dubai, Singapore, Australia, Kuwait, Italy, Spain and Nigeria) to get operated from him. His contribution to bringing Chandigarh on Medical Tourism map of India earned him an 'Award of Excel-lence' in 2011 by Union Tourism Minister of India.
  • Dr. Kapoor is known to adhere to the ethical principles and international sur-gical standards while striving to achieve as natural results as possible. He does not believe in the concept of office surgery and prefers a hospital setup for surgical practice, keeping patient safety in mind.
  • Apart from exceptional surgical skills, what takes Dr. Kapoor’s surgical acu-men a notch higher is his keen aesthetic sense, which helps him achieve a fine balance with the results. His aim is to give beautiful results while making all effort to avoid giving ‘over the top’ and overly dramatic results that ag-gressive surgeons sometimes tend to give.
  • A huge part of Dr. Kapoor’s success as a cosmetic surgeon is attributed to his trademark patience and listening skills. He is known for effort he puts in to know what the client wants, understanding his/her concerns and weaving his surgical skills around that to give the most natural results. He doesn’t hesi-tate to give his honest opinion even if it results in sending a client back home without a procedure he/she has come looking for, if that is in the best inter-ests of the patient.
  • He has been very quick to adopt the newer noninvasive procedures that give good results, advocating them instead of making a client undergo an avoida-ble surgery. He thus combines pragmatism with his surgical excellence and hence is one of the most trusted aesthetic plastic surgeon in India.
  • Dr. K M Kapoor is a certified international trainer for Anti-wrinkle injections and fillers and has conducted scores of trainings, workshops, lectures all over Asia (including China, Singapore, Indonesia, Taiwan, Korea, Malaysia and In-dia), Europe (including London, Poland, Germany and Spain), South Africa (in-cluding Melbourne and Gold Coast) and South Africa, under the aegis of Al-lergan Medical Institute and various national and international Dermatology & Plastic Surgery conferences. He has also led many ‘train the trainer’ pro-grams in many countries.
  • His focus on chalking out tailor-made treatment plans based on sound know-ledge of facial anatomy and its variation by ethnicity, thus helping to achieve very natural results have made him a very popular trainer.
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