Q: What is the procedure of Cheek dimple creation surgery?

A: For cheek dimple creation, a small cut is made on the inner surface of the cheek and a small ellipse of mucosa, fat, and muscle is removed. There is no cut or scar on the skin surface of the cheek. One or two stitches of absorbable thread are placed from the inner surface of the cheek, fixing it to the inside of cheek skin area where the new dimple is desired. When this stitch is tightened a depression or dimple is formed on the overlying cheek skin. Initially, a dimple is present even when a person is not smiling. After a few weeks, the skin will flatten out and the dimple will form only at the time of smiling or moving the face. The adhesion formed between the inner cheek skin and inner surface through muscle gap will result in a permanent dimple even after the stitches have been absorbed. Although cheek is the commonest area requested for a dimple creation surgery; chin is another popular site for a dimple. Chin dimples are also made from inside the mouth without any cut on the outside skin.


Q: Who are the ideal candidates for Dimple surgery and how is the surgery planned?

A: Dimple creation surgery can be done on any skin type or any size of the cheek. An experienced Plastic Surgeon can help decide about the most optimal place for dimples on the cheeks. This area is marked and a photograph is taken before the beginning of surgery.


Q: What type of anesthesia is used in cheek dimple surgery?

A: Dimple creation surgery is commonly done under local anesthesia. The dimple surgery takes about 30 minutes on day care basis and one can go home after the procedure. The patient should avoid eating or drinking 6 hours prior to surgery and mouthwash is used before surgery. Smoking should be stopped for 2 weeks before and after surgery.


Q: How is the post-op recovery after cheek dimple surgery?

A: There are minimal complications with this surgery and some swelling and bruising are expected. One can resume normal activities from the very next day. Liquid and a soft diet are advised for 3-5 days. Good oral hygiene is to be maintained for at least 15 days after the surgery. Antibiotics and analgesics are advised for initial 3 days after dimple creation surgery. This surgery is potentially reversible if desired by patient later on, by releasing the adhesion of outer cheek skin from the inner surface of the cheek.

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