Q: What is the procedure of fat grafting?

A: the Fat transfer is the procedure of harvesting excess fat from the areas like the abdomen, buttocks or thighs and transferring them in areas where it is deficient.


Q: What are the common indications for this procedure?

A: The most common facial areas treated with fat transfer are sunken cheeks, under-eye depressions or hollows, acne or traumatic scars and for enhancement of jawline and chin contour. Fat graft is also used for correction of frown lines, brow-lift, lip enhancement and temporal hollows correction. Fat transfer technique is now also used for breast size augmentation. It is also used for buttock augmentation also called ‘Brazilian Butt Lift’ procedure.


Q: How is this procedure performed and what type of anesthesia is used for fat grafting?

A: Fat is extracted from the body area having extra fat using a fine cannula and syringe. Light suction pressure is used with a syringe so as not to damage the cell membrane of fat cells harvested from the body. In the next step, fat is centrifuged or allowed to settle in order to separate it from the rest of the fluids. Fat is injected in the different areas in order to fill up the tissue. The donor, as well as recipient areas, are injected with local anesthesia before the procedure to achieve a pain-free state. However, fat transfer in large areas like for breast enhancement or buttock lift is done under general anesthesia.



Q: What is the process of recovery and post-op care after fat grafting?

A: Patients can resume most of the normal daily activities after the surgery. There can be redness or swelling which generally settles in 36 -72 hrs. Mild bruising, if present, settles down in 4-5 days. As the fat injected in a particular area is partially absorbed over time, multiple sessions may be needed to get optimum results. The fat is partially absorbed in about 6 months time leading to a repeat injection after that. However, the residual fat from each session stays in that area giving a long-lasting result after multiple sessions.


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