Q: Who are the ideal candidate for Thigh Lift surgery and how is it planned?

A: In persons with good skin tone and localized fat deposits with no excess skin, only Liposuction of thighs gives very good results. In persons with mild skin sagging and localized fat excess, a medial thigh lift with minimal incision may be sufficient to achieve good results. In a more severe type of skin sagging with skin hanging all around the thigh region, a more extensive or circumferential thigh lift may be needed. If the person is planning major weight loss or future pregnancy, thigh lift should be done after these events in order to get the best possible results.

The thigh lift surgery is planned in order to meet the specific needs of patients. The amount of excess skin & fat that needs to be removed is assessed and marked preoperatively.

Q: What type of anesthesia is used for Thigh Lift surgery?

A: General anesthesia is commonly given for thigh lift surgery, however, a combination of local anesthesia with intravenous sedation or Epidural anesthesia can also be used for this procedure.

Q: How much time does thigh lift surgery take?

A: Thigh lift surgery generally takes two to three hours, depending on the severity of skin sagging and level of correction required.

Q: How is Thigh lift surgery performed?

A: The incisions are given in only groin crease, between thigh and trunk, for moderate skin sagging while a circumferential cut is given for more severe sagging. Excess skin and the fat flap is removed and incisions are closed in many layers with thick threads in order to get thin scars and to prevent scar widening at a later date. A dressing is placed over stitch lines and a compression garment is applied in order to decrease postoperative swelling and to hasten healing. Thigh lift surgery is performed, as an indoor procedure and one to two days’ hospitalization is required.

Q: How is the recovery after thigh lift surgery?

A: Postoperatively patient may feel discomfort for 1- 2 days that can easily be controlled with analgesics. Antibiotics are advised for five days. There could be swelling or bruising, which improves in 1-2 weeks time. The patient is advised not to do any strenuous activity or gym activity for four weeks after the surgery. The compression garment is advised for four to six weeks after the surgery. There will be an improvement in the shape of thighs but it will keep on becoming better as the swelling subsides. The patient can resume normal daily activities within six to seven days of surgery and all types of activities within four to six weeks of surgery.

After thigh lift surgery, most patients experience an improvement in self-esteem and become more self-confident. This surgery results in more taut and toned appearance for thighs. They also find more access to different styles of clothing & fashions and feel more confident about their appearance at the beach or in the swimming pool.

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