Q: What are the preoperative steps for Lip Reduction surgery and how is it planned?

A: The ideal patient for lip reduction surgery should be healthy and have realistic views of what a lip reduction surgery can do for him. Prior to surgery medical history is taken to rule out any preexisting disease that may interfere with the healing process and to rule out any blood clotting problems. Lip reduction is as much an art as a science and it requires precise measurements and marking before planning to remove the excess tissue. The lip reduction is planned to keep in mind the shape of patient’s lips and the suitability of new lip shape with the shape of the face. As an exercise look in the mirror—your upper lip should cover all but the lower third of your teeth, and your lower lip should protrude slightly more than your upper lip. To correct a lip that is too large a portion of the lip is surgically excised.


Q: How is Lip Reduction performed and what type of anesthesia is used in the surgery?

A: Lip reduction surgery is done under local anesthesia and it is a day care procedure. Lip reduction is the process of surgical reduction of both the upper lip and lower lip together or each lip individually. This surgery involves giving incisions on the inner surface of the lip and an elliptical strip of excess tissue is removed to reduce the plumpness of lip. The lip is sutured with self-dissolving stitches and stitch removal is not required. A W-Plasty excision (in which incision is zigzag like a W) can also be done sometimes for the aesthetic result. Upper Lip lift is done by removing a strip of skin from the upper lip at its junction with nose and it gives a much better result with minimal scarring.


Q: How much time does this surgery take?

A: Lip reduction surgery takes about one hour and the patient can go home after the surgery. It is a day care procedure and hospital admission is not needed.


Q: What are the precautions and postoperative care after surgery?

A: After surgery, there is some difficulty in speaking and chewing due to swelling. During recovery diet restrictions in the form of taking the liquid and soft diet are advised. The patient is advised to use mouthwash instead of the toothbrush to avoid pain. Antibiotics, painkillers, and swelling reducing medicines are given. Semisolid and liquid diet is advised for 3-4 days. Most of the swelling subsides in 6-10 days. Absorbable stitches dissolve by themselves in 7-10 days. One will need a couple of weeks to recover from surgery.


Q: What are the risks or complications from this surgery?

A: Risks and complications with this surgery are minimal. Swelling and bruising are common with lip surgeries, and there is a minimum risk of infection. Some patients may encounter loss of sensation after surgery, which in most cases is temporary.


Q: What is the approximate cost of Lip reduction surgery?

A: Lip reduction surgery for lower lip costs approximately 35000 Indian Rupees (approx. 700 US Dollar, calculated as 1 USD= 50 Indian Rupees) at our clinic’s operating facility. Lip reduction surgery for both the lips, done in the same sitting, costs approximately 50,000 Indian Rupees (approx. 1000 US Dollars, calculated as 1 USD= 50 Indian Rupees) at our clinic’s operating facility.

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