Q: Who are the candidates fit to undergo the treatment for breast asymmetry?

A: Any woman with breast asymmetry can gain from the surgical correction of this condition. Sometimes it is a congenital anomaly and it can be treated irrespective of the degree of asymmetry. Sometimes patients with rib abnormalities also have breast asymmetry. Ribs could be deficient or very prominent on one side affecting the size of the breast on that side. Many patients coming for breast augmentation have asymmetric breasts and this condition can be treated by using a slightly different size on the affected side to balance both sides.

Q: How can breast asymmetry be corrected?

A: Breast asymmetry can be corrected by either making the larger breast smaller or making the smaller breast large. Generally, the patient makes a choice regarding the breast, which they prefer to get treated and the surgeon can accordingly plan the treatment. A smaller breast can be increased in size with a breast implant, A larger breast can be reduced to match the size of the opposite breast.


Q: How is recovery after surgery for correction of breast asymmetry?

A: Patients usually takes about 1 week to recover. patients are advised to wear a sports bra for the initial 2 weeks. Silicone gel sheet is advised for 3 months to get a fine scar. No lifting of weights or vigorous exercise is advised for 2 weeks.

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